It’s time to commit and make plans.

WCDE is ready to meet this moment with clarity, transparency, and an active way forward that you and your families can count on.

West Coast Dance Explosion puts your health and safety at 

the center of all we do. 

Click Here To Read An Article About Our READY Preparedness Plan!

Preparing for the moment when we launch our Season 25 tour, the WCDE team has been working with experts to develop a plan that will allow us to welcome you back with excitement, inspiration, and purpose in mind. 

Our plan puts your health and safety at the center of all we do. It is a comprehensive, multi-layered approach that adjusts as circumstances evolve throughout the country. 

First, here are our three big promises:

We will do everything we can to safely provide Live in-person events for as many students as possible this season. West Coast Dance Explosion will also hold virtual conventions and competitions for all scheduled events through our DanceBlast Platform. By embracing this hybrid model of both convention and competition, we are thrilled to have the capacity to serve any studio, no matter what their needs are.

Guaranteed Events

West Coast Dance Explosion is excited to announce that our popular DanceBlast event has now become a virtual platform! LIVE streaming is now a part of all WCDE competitions, awards ceremonies, and conventions. Each of our Digital Dance Intensives (DDI) & Virtual Competitions will have meaningful interactions with our faculty and staff, bringing the high quality experience you expect from WCDE into your home or studio. We also have some fun technology updates to announce soon!

Virtual Experiences

Safety Standards

For all in-person regional events, we are setting a foundational set of safety protocols that our participants and their families can expect in every city. 

  • We will practice physical distancing in all aspects of our event.

  • We are devoted to enhanced sanitation standards for all spaces we inhabit and for all of our dancers, families, faculty, and staff.
  • We enforce regular wellness checks for WCDE faculty & staff.

  • We are in constant contact with our venues and partners to review best practices and recommendations in their specific city.

Adapting To The Variables

What Does A Virtual Dance Convention Look Like?

This Summer, West Coast Dance Explosion hit the ground running in the development and implementation of DanceBlast, a revolutionary approach to virtual dance education that takes classes out of the grid and back to the dance floor. 

Check out some video highlights from our Summer 2020 DanceBlast Event!

As we aim to provide consistency in times of uncertainty, we want to be able to do what’s best for each city as the season evolves. 

So - How will you know what is happening for your tour stop?

Meet The WCDE Dial System

The first of it's kind in the industry, West Coast Dance Explosion will "set the dial" for the portions of our event which will be affected by government mandates, hotel policies, and scientific evidence. 

Here is what it looks like!

We will dig more into the dials soon - but for now, we wanted to share with you the depth and detail of our plan.

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